Belize played a solid game, in the end though, Guatemala emerged victorious with a final score of two to one. Belize After the game, We spoke with the man who scored the only goal for Belize Deon Macauley who has raked up an incredible 8 goals in the four world cup qualifiers. He is the person that demands and if he puts an eleven out there that is the eleven that is going to play. We have to take the game in Guatemala and throw everything at them because that game will be key in disqualifiers. I feel like we just let down our fans, just let down everybody and Belize because this game that we should at least come out with a draw. It was a difficult game for us but we have to live with it because it already happen. We never really expected to lose home to as well because we were motivated from the last two games that we played outside and win. We have to lift up our heads high and work towards the other game that is coming. Vincent and you have to play Grenada again before you all meet Guatemala again right. That is football as playing and getting to know each other on the field so that we can come out victoriously. I am going back to training and hopefully next week the guys are coming back here and prepare mentally and get ready for the other few upcoming games. To get your own globally-recognized-avatar, please register at Gravatar.

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